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Who is shane harper dating 2016

'I had a huge kit but I didn't let him because he was just so young.

But when he was six he grabbed me round the waist and pulled me off the stool, so I said: "Fine, you do it then." 'And he did - he played a brilliant drum solo.

" I realised how much it meant to him and we had some money saved for a holiday, so I called my husband who agreed we'd buy him an electric piano instead of going away.' Shane was thrilled - and within hours of its arrival, he was playing Christmas carols with two hands. 'I realised he should have had a piano years earlier - he really could already play as he'd been saying.' A month later Shane was competently playing Beethoven's Fur Elise and other famous classical pieces - after hearing them played on the stereo or keyboard only once.He could play instantly even though he'd never touched the thing in his life.It was so bizarre.' Within months Shane was appearing in local concerts and performed the drums at the Canterbury Music Festival - home videos show him wowing crowds of hundreds of stunned spectators.'He told us he was copying teachers he'd seen at school, but I think he just wanted to give us an explanation because we were so astounded.'The truth is he doesn't know how he does it - it's like a miracle.' Indeed, when Shane starts to play pieces by Bach and Chopin in front of me, his improbable brilliance is breathtaking.

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There is one major difference between Mozart and the ten-year-old pianist performing in front of me - and arguably it is not talent.

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