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Dump The Adjectives (Or Get Dumped Yourself)When you write your dating profile, you need to check your adjectives at the door, especially when it comes to describing yourself.Don’t load up your profile with “blah blah” descriptors like: I’m adventurous, smart, funny, attractive, etc., etc.

Don't be like this guy:99% of guys online describe themselves with adjectives. Master The Art Of Show, Don't Tell Here’s what to do: Write down 5 or 6 adjectives to describe yourself.

Every profile written at Vi DA is scrutinized by me personally before the customer sees it.

If I wouldn’t want to use your profile for myself, it goes back to the drawing board until it’s up to my high standards. You can send it back for two deep revisions until we’ve tweaked it out to perfection. ” The added bonus of seeing yourself as 100% awesome comes free of charge, and you’ll never have to worry about how to write a dating profile that attracts women like a magnet ever again.

When you avoid adjectives you start to SHOW women how interesting you are instead of TELLING them how interesting you are.

The ‘Show Don’t Tell’ approach is primary reason our profiles work so well.

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Our clients tend to react like this: “That guy’s a [email protected]$$. Click here to learn more about our profile writing service.