Consensual dating policy

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Consensual dating policy

But the Walgrens' lawsuit accuses the school of violating Walgren's rights by not calling his parents first.The school board association instructs schools to call parents but does not say if that should be the first step.In Walgren's case, the fact the sex was consensual and that he did not distribute the recording would have counted in his favor.In July, an internal affairs investigation cleared Officer Heun of any wrongdoing in connection to Walgren's suicide, concluding that he followed proper protocol while questioning him The City of Naperville backed the police department's version of events, saying in a statement that the case, which did not involve police custody, was 'handled properly.' The law has long recognized school officials as stand-in parents during the school day, with the power to investigate reports of wrongdoing and to discipline students without consulting parents.Earlier that day, she had learned of the sex video from a friend and was upset Walgren recorded their encounter without her permission.At first, she said, she was not sure the sex was consensual but later stated clearly that it was.

According to his obituary, the 16-year-old also loved fishing and was a member of the Naperville North Bass Fishing Club. When he and the girl were in his car, parked on a secluded street at night, he had turned on the video-recording function and dropped his cellphone by his leg after the pair talked and shared some alcohol.

A teenager from Illinois who killed himself after being accused by officials at his school of being in possession of child pornography had played an audio recording for his friends in which he could be heard having consensual sex with a female classmate.

Corey Walgren, a 16-year-old honor roll student at a suburban Chicago high school, jumped to his death from a five-story parking deck on January 11, just hours after he was called into the dean's office at Naperville North High School and confronted about the video he had made of himself having a sexual encounter with a female classmate.

When those laws were passed, lawmakers could not have foreseen how teens, perhaps acting on impulse or under peer pressure, would be able to create or send explicit images at the push of a button.

The laws were aimed at protecting children from adults.

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A 2015 Illinois law aimed at sexting - when images are sent via text or other electronic means - lets courts sentence minors to supervision and community service.