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Clannad dating sim

Before we jump too far ahead, a visual novel is a ‘game’ (or perhaps interactive software) which consists of reading through text accompanied by visuals and sound.

We’ll start by providing some background on the release, then talk about how it functions mechanically as a game and more specifically a visual novel, a brief introduction to and my thoughts on the story, and a look at the audiovisual quality of the game. And if you do end up picking up was originally released 11 years ago in 2004 as the third in developer Key’s line of nakige visual novels.This ain’t no Fallout 4; almost every choice have an immediate effect on the course the story takes, diverging into different ‘routes’, each with their own unique endings.As with most visual novels of the genre, the structure of the branching routes revolves around its out on Steam, some of you must be considering whether or not to pick it up.I’m sure many of our readers here come from various different backgrounds.

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