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What’s of most concern to all, however, is the €100 million in audiovisual aid the UK received from the EU between 20 - money that, as well as going into productions and co-productions, helps to distribute foreign-language films in the UK.The BFI, our parent organisation, echoes the line being put out by the government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport - nothing will change for at least two years, so it’s business as usual until we know The flux we are in now - with over-supplp of films, the breakdown of format windows and the multiple use of theatres - has parallels with the situation that prevailed in the ig20S more.His adaptation of William Thackeray’s tale of the rise and fall of an 18th- century Irish rogue has been restored and is rereleased by the BFI in cinemas across the UK on 29 July.Jazz on Film Running alongside the Manchester Jazz Festival is HOME’S season of jazz-themed documentaries, biopics and films renowned for their scores (17-31 July).

By Eric Hynes August 2016 I Sight&Sound | 1 THE COMPLETE SHORT FILMS 1 91 7-1 923 ^4 m AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE UK. Miller considers Owen Hatherley’s take on Chaplin and the Soviet avant-garde And online this month video: d a.Geoffrey Macnab’s study of the state of film distribution and exhibition from a UK perspective (see page 38) was written and prepared before the referendum decision was in; but it describes, in any case, a sector that’s knowingly in flux and trying new strategies.Which is good, because they will need to be equally inventive when we lose the EU rules and funding.In summary, they were: i) the possible end of financial backing from Creative Europe (successor to the MEDIA Programme as the EU’s funding body for film, TV and digital media; 2) British television will no longer qualify as EU product - channels with quotas for European content may buy less British TV; 3) working abroad may become more difficult with visas, etc, required; 4) the UK’s absence from decision-making within the EU leaves us without influence there; 5) a weak pound messes with budgets; 6) the UK will be free from ‘State Aid’ rules, so that, in theory, the government could offer more funding; 7) uncertainty will rule for a time.In an article at Screen Dai, the law firm Olswang agreed that the free movement of people is likely to be hampered or restricted, and suggested that certain goods such as DVDs could be subject to tariffs.

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