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Beautiful smart women intimidating

The researchers (as they often do in these kinds of studies) cautioned that more research was needed to further confirm that conclusion.And, of course, this preference for less-intelligent women in real life could be due to other factors.When men actually meet women who are smarter than them, this once attractive trait instead becomes a turnoff.

(Similarly, a study published in the “Quarterly Journal of Economics,” which looked at people who were speed dating, found that “men do not value women’s intelligence or ambition when it exceeds their own,” though in this case it was ambition that significantly turned them off from a woman.) Put simply: In a hypothetical scenario (one in which the man will never meet the woman), men showed greater attraction toward a woman who was smarter than them, but when they are faced with actually meeting a more intelligent woman, they showed less attraction and desire to date her.In this scenario, “men formed favorable impressions and showed greater interest in women who displayed more (versus less) intelligence than themselves.” (Research out this year supports the notion that men say intelligence is very important to them in a romantic partner.) But in the second part of the study — where the men were told they would meet a woman in person — a woman’s intelligence worked against her.The participants took what they thought was an intelligence test, and were told that they would soon be meeting someone who had either scored better or worse than them on the test.Once done, their scores were read aloud, and the men were asked to move their chairs closer to the women they were paired with.The researchers found that men whose partners performed better tended to put more distance between their chairs and their partners’, which suggested a desire to be further away.

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Time and again men report that intelligence is one of the top qualities they look for in a woman.

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