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100 gratis dating sider Solrød

I believe one of my strongest skills is selling, and I believe I do it quite well.

The only interest was within IT even though I didn’t know anything at all about it.

I was very, very dedicated, but unfortunately not blessed with the fortune of having the biggest talent…. Anyway I somehow through hard work and dedication manage to make it all the way to a semi-professional stage and to the highest legue, "Håndboldligaen" in Denmark. 10 years was very passionate about personal fitness, especially weight training and running.

But after making it to the highest level in Handball I completely lost interest as it was obvious that I wouldn’t be able to make a living out of it, nor make it to the national team.

My first job after my diploma as an International Business Economist was as a Shop Manager Trainee in the Danish success retail chain; Jysk, which are famous for selling bed and linen, furniture’s and more at very attractive prices.

I started out in an outlet in the Swedish city Gothenburg.

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Inspired by our great OEM success in CA I in 2003 decided to start my own company together with a long-time childhood friend.

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